We are a Christian preschool and base our teaching style on biblical principles. We always start our day with a Bible story teaching the children about God's love for them. We pray with our students and encourage them to pray for each other. At Riverlawn Preschool we use the ABeka Christian Preschool Curriculum. The curriculum was developed by Pensacola Christian College. It focuses on phonic based learning, each letter has a sound and clue word to make learning the alphabet fun and interactive. The alphabet is taught in a way that kids are able to comprehend and learn sounds easily. This is an advanced learning program that will prepare your child for any school setting, public or private education. The preschool classes (2 day and 3 day) focus on learning social skills such as: making friends, self-control, learning time vs play time, using manners words, resolving conflict and 2-3 step instructions. We also learn our colors, shapes, and basic counting and letter recognition. The PreK classes (5 day) focus on letter sounds, short and long vowels, forming letter blends, and basic pre-reading skills. Attention is also given to number recognition, counting and simple math skills. During the second semester in PreK, the classes start reading groups and introduce your child to reading books. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace.